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30 Mar 2023 -
-weekly kill task (monster listed in discord ) will change every monster Monday! Person with the...

-weekly kill task (monster listed in discord ) will change every monster Monday!

Person with the most monster kills of the week will win 500 tc! 

Discord will update thru out everyday to show who’s leading in kills and how many!

you collect your reward here in the thias depot!

updated from 12.6- 12.91

we got all the items ,and an assorted mix ,not all of but some of, the new monsters and bosses!


modified these mobs to better fit in these lvl brackets!

lvl 300s+

-gazer spectras

-fire library

lvl 500+

-glooth bandit/brigs

-grim reapers

-ripper spectres

-issavi sewers


-all the carnivores


-lvl 600 castle


-tru asuras

-elite skellys /undead gladiators

lvl 800+

-burster spectras

-energy library 

-nightmare isles mobs/ north rosh 


-death library

-(possibly ,havnt touched it yet) bottom floor of the prison


crazed summer and winter guard areas in feyrist


soul wars areas (edited)

new custom bosses and modified existing

-all the soul wars bosses were buffed

-4 new lvl 2500 bosses

-5 new exp bosses

-4 new dungeon bosses

-new fishing boss 


new custom npcs

-exp boss access seller

-mini game master


mini games! explanations have been added to a discord page and website

-fishing and bowling fishing monsters

-snowball fights

- void knight defender

-golden arena revamped

-weekly kill task (tc rewards)

-x3 arenas lvl 400,800,1200

--4 dungeons lvl 400,400,800,1200

-8 scattered chest that can be opened every 20 hours for rewards

- exp boss levers 500,1000,1200,1500,2000

-Castle Invasion

new modified gear and items

-lvl 2500 full set, 5 new arrow slot items, necklace and ring

-new best in slot bp no lvl req

-lvl 400 set a little less op than the 999 set

-potion that gives all party buffs

-better master mind , berzerk and bullseye potion



-item forge from real tibs in and working!and the spell to find the corrupt monsters is in as well !

-cash auto loots to bank account

-can imbue items when whereing them 

- max speed is higher

-!deposit amount -- deposits gold any where you are -- ex- !deposit 5000

-!withdraw amount -- withdraws gold reguardless of where you are -- ex- !withdraw 5000

-!balance shows your balance

-!promotion you dont have to visit the king any more 

-hunter tasks works

-ring of ending, lion ring, 2500 ring have mana shield toggle on/off option

-the imbuement seller will not be in this season so get your grinding boots on to get those imbue items!

-custom mobs are charmable! and 5 card preyable!

this is the level 2500 set

these are the two new lvl 400 sets! there are 4 ways to get this gear!


option 1 : 700 newly donated tc per item! ( tc you received for previous seasons can not purchase it ) one of the gms will sell you the items


option 2 : loot from one of the two new bosses ( levers are to the right of the thais depot )


option 3 : collect event tokens and purchase your pieces from the mini game master npc on trolls island!


option 4 : buy from other players who have it !

Exp Bosses ! you can buy access to kill a high exp boss for your lvl bracket! 


The level brackets are 500,1000,1200,1500,2000!


To enter you buy the item on the table of the level range you wanna enter then use it on the statue north of said item!


the exp boss npc sells the items!


you will find all of this in darashia on the floor above the city trainers or above the bank!


anyone can buy the item and use the item on the statue! but if you arnt the correct level it will be a waste of money! so be sure to make sure you are the right level before proceeding! good luck and happy exping!!

30 Mar 2023 -
Join us here
29 Mar 2023 -
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29.11.2023 -
Author: Trolling

30.3.2023 -
Trolls island
Author: Trolling

trolls island is where you will find


the arenas- lvl 400, lvl 800, lvl 1200


the dungeons- 2 lvl 400, lvl 800 , lvl 1200


castle invasion


defend the void knight


the new mini game event npc (tibia coin vendor not the tcs you buy but the ones you earn!)

these are tibia coin or mini game event tokens!

30.3.2023 -
Author: Trolling

Arena Content (Solo/Duo): 

An Arena is a daily task (20h cooldown) which lasts for 10minutes. When you enter the arena a wave of monsters will begin to spawn around you, the next wave is timed therefore if you do not kill fast enough you will become overwhelmed quite quickly. All Arena's will provide good experience and have a chance to loot rare items. Upon completion you will be teleported to a daily reward chest (with a chance of rare loot, or if unlucky something not so rewarding)!


Dungeon Content (Team: Recommended 3 - 5 players):

A Dungeon is a daily task (20h cooldown) where teams will progress through difficult monsters, exploring the content in aims to find bosses! Dungeons are all custom maps, with custom monsters and bosses, some of which will have unique mechanics/spells. Monsters respawn at a much slower rate to allow players to slowly progress through difficult content. Dungeons will provide players the opportunity to loot custom items/equipment rewards.


30.3.2023 -
Castle invasion 🏰
Author: Trolling

Castle invasion 

This is a server wide event where the players collectively add the needed items to the alter to unlock the next stage! 

Every stage the top three sacrificers will receive a reward

1st 100 tc

2nd 50 event tokens 

3rd 5kk gold


Here’s the alter! You use the item on the bottom right side of the alter to sacrifice it !


Stage 1

-Item = Wheat

-count = 300

Reward -top three reward


Stage 2

-item = dragon bone staff

-count = 250

-Reward - daily reward chest


Stage 3

-item = onyx chip

-count = 400

-Reward - 3 daily level levers (behind lvl required doors) 


Stage 4

-item = shadow spectre

-count = 400

-Reward - double skill/loot event the next weekend 


Stage 5

-item = crude horn bone

-count = 500

-Reward - low level hunting hub


Stage 6

-item = nightmare blade

-count = 400

-Reward - top 3 reward 


Stage 7

-item = mercenary sword

-count = 400

-Reward - imbuement hub


Stage 8

-item = butcher's axe

-count = 600

-Reward - low lvl boss hub


Stage 9

-item = glooth capsule 

-count = 400

-Reward - double loot/skill on the next weekend 


Stage 10

-item = empty honey jar

-count = 600

-Reward - reward chest


Stage 11

-item = twice slicer

-count = 300

-Reward - top 3 reward


Stage 12

-item = fire sword

-count = 1000

-Reward - double skill/spawn rate on the next weekend


Stage 13

-item = mysterious fetish

-count = 1000

-Reward - high level hunting hub 


Stage 14

-item = titan axe

-count = 600

-Reward - daily reward chest and daily level levers(behind level required doors)


Stage 15

-item = mindstone

-count = 750

-Reward - high level boss hub 


Stage 16

-item = broken dreams 

-count = 1000

-Reward - double exp next weekend


Stage 17

-item = glass tube(purchased with event tokens from the mini game event npc)

-count = 5000

-Reward - 3 day double exp event the second weekend of the next season 



Stage 18

-item = spiked squelcher

-count = 5000

-Reward - double loot,skills,exp the next weekend

30.3.2023 -
✨️ Golden arena ✨️
Author: Trolling

The golden arena has been modified !

Players can get in the arena thru the hub in Thais temple !


The event will begin every 5 hours !

To enter simply buy a golden arena token from the npcs for 20 gold and use it ! 


When the event starts you must be standing in the room to the left of the npc ! 


You will be tpd into the arena!

Monster waves will spawn in every 15 seconds so be prepared!


Survive as long as you can !


-Every odd number wave you complete you will receive an extra event token!

-Every even number you’ll earn 100k more cash 

The billboards In the event room should keep tabs on who’s made it the furthest! 



-note the snowball event,golden arena,void knight defender events are all only one player per ip address unless we know /you can prove two or more players from the same house are playing together ! If caught cheating the system you will be punished,punishment determined shortly!

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